The project

Élodie and Marzia are artists whom have chosen the art of spatial arrangement to express themselves. Seeking authenticity, these multi-disciplinary perfectionists have sharpened their skills in the field of design for the arts as well as for events.

Marzia, scenographer, set designer, movie set decorator as well as leading artistic vision on experiential events desires to explore new avenues of design by emerging from fiction and connecting with people.

Élodie, scenographer and interior designer by trade strives to develop her vision and define her artistic identity.

They met in 2017 while studying at UQAM in the Events Design program. Having the mandate to discern contrasts in the city of Montreal, both questioned themselves on urban frenzy and event driven consumption.

Without even realizing it they gave birth to the project ‘’Les Marcheurs de Montreal’’. Driving to be a counterpoint to the culture of mass events, a return to the richness hidden within our living environment, to the softness and poetry of everyday.

Les Marcheurs de Montréal is an imaginary breach in our everyday routes, a space for reserve, reflexion and reverie.